ICONCEPT GLOBAL Australia, a web design and web development company in Melbourne, Australia is specializing in customized and stunning web design, interactive web development, e-commerce development, web-based application, website hosting services, graphic design, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Optimization (SMO), mobile apps development and reliable online solutions as well as providing a dependable virtual team and staff leasing. Experienced web designers and web developers from the leading digital agency in Melbourne Australia ensure our clients of the website’s optimum marketing results.  ICONCEPT Australia is born from one of the Philippines’ thriving online marketing agencies. Its mother firm has created websites for reputable government agencies and multinational corporations from a wide array of industries across the globe.

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Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

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Manila Line: (+63)2 519-4810

About Us

How we work

At ICONCEPT, we believe that a good website output is the result of careful planning and effective implementation of effective strategies carried out by a team of highly qualified professionals.


Assessment of Project Requirements

Before we give a cost assessment, our technical pre-sales team will look into the project requirements, the estimated number of days of development and the level of expertise required in the project.

If special setup will be requested by the client, ICONCEPT will send a customized proposal taking into consideration the project type, scope and duration.

  1. Project-based.  ICONCEPT employees will work on the requirements of the project on a specified time frame.  Often, the client is limited to the items listed on the job order.
  2. Long-term.  This requires a dedicated team usually composed of a project manager, an artist, a developer and an Internet strategist.  In this setup, the client and the dedicated team also have a document to follow; however, much leniency is achieved here.  Plus, the client gets assured that the team will focus on the project at hand.  The Client will also experience significant cuts on cost in this setup.


Preparation and Approval of Quote

What makes ICONCEPT unique from other outsourcing firms is our willingness to negotiate until we reach a mutually beneficial setup.  Provided that both parties agree with the important details such as the project requirements, the terms of payment, and development timeline, we are now ready to go to the next stage.


Resource Selection

Depending on the project requirements, the people who will work on the project requirements will be chosen during this stage.  Meeting with the assigned team usually proceeds.


Design and Development

After careful study of the project requirements, the assigned team will start working on the project.  For website development projects in Australia, approval of design studies will serve as signal for the commencement of the development phase of the website.  Depending on the agreement with the team, the client discusses his comments or requests for revisions.

*Completion of website materials to be used in the project at hand is very important in order to lessen chances of project delay.


Quality Assurance

Our Technical Team will conduct several tests to make sure that the website’s functionalities are well working.


Turnover and Tutorial


The website will be turned over to the client together with the documents given to ICONCEPT during the early stages of development. The tutorial is also conducted.

Organisational Information

ABN: 45161481125
Street Address: 202 Werribee St. North,
Town / City: Werribee Melbourne
State: Victoria
Postcode: 3000
Country: Australia
Phone (local AU number): +61388205223
Toll-free number: +18884574497

Efficiency and Expertise

To be a competent and progressive corporation, iConcept realizes the significance of the efficiency and expertise of employees in the process.


Quality, Technology, and Productivity

To be able to set the industry standards, iConcept realizes the importance of quality, productivity, and long-term investments in fast changing technology.



To be the provider of superb clientele satisfaction, iConcept realizes the essence of praiseworthy service our clients deserve.



Development of these values is the corporate way to success.



Everything that resulted in good things should only be done consistently. Geared at achieving quality outputs at all times, iConcept practices consistency in the performance of duties.
Our Culture

Starting day one, ICONCEPT Global Advertising Inc. – mother firm of ICONCEPT Australia – has sought to revolutionize the online presence of companies from all industries in the Philippines. When clients from across the globe started pouring in, the Management realized that the company can be of and is indeed QUALIFIED to help in providing a website of their choice.Today, the leading Philippine web design and development firm works to be the online service provider of agencies, organizations, and corporations in Australia through its newest undertaking – iConcept Australia.

At ICONCEPT Australia, we bring your website a cut above the rest. How do we do this? The pool of professional web designers and programmers has proven their competency in their respective fields of expertise through the impeccable quality of websites. How would you like to have your grand website launch with ICONCEPT Australia?

Get to know more of our team through the following:

Cost-efficient quality of work

FACT: Outsourced projects cost almost half the original price.
Just when several nations have jumped on the outsourcing-offshoring bandwagon does not mean that everyone else is worthy of getting your precious trust. The huge selection of IT solutions provider makes it all the more necessary for searching companies like yours to be more cautious.ICONCEPT Australia boasts of a type of output that is founded on the principles that made its mother firm the most trusted web design and development company in the Philippines. Now, it is ready to provide its services to one of the most progressive nations in the world. QUALITY + TECHNICAL EXPERTISE +COST EFFICIENCY = ICONCEPT MADE WEBSITES.

Chosen by the Philippine nation

Creating websites for prestigious government agencies is probably one of the highlights of our business. For us, it is similar to telling that we were chosen by the whole Philippine nation. It must be a sign that we are capable of doing something that other firms cannot. We believe that our team is capable of living up to the promise. To do the other way around would hurt us a hundredfold.Now, as a sign of our lifelong commitment to excellence, we are ready to be chosen by the Australian nation.


ICONCEPT AUSTRALIA is composed of Filipino professionals. And Filipinos are synonymous to an important aspect called creativity. It is innate in every Filipino to strive for excellence, especially when it comes to aesthetics.


Another aspect that Filipinos have an advantage is its culture. The country’s proximity to Australia may mean similarities in culture. Aside from being creative, Filipinos are very accommodating while maintaining that professional attitude in the performance of duties and responsibilities.

A business with a cause

ICONCEPT Australia subscribes to the idea of positive karma. Businesses that help the people thrive are those that will flourish. Giving back to the community what they deserve paves the way to a healthier society. Its mother firm started running its university seminar series (USS) in 2010 to help the academe in equipping students with knowledge and skills in web design and development as well as online marketing through search engine optimization (SEO).What makes our firm capable of saying all of those things? ICONCEPT is willing to risk its hard-earned reputation in every website we create.

Our Purpose

Welcome to iConcept Global Advertising Inc., home to efficient online solutions to help your organization achieve its ultimate goals.Website design and development, business identity, cloud hosting, online presence management, and more – we got them all covered! Explore our website and you will find a roster of prominent clients who have started reaping the fruits of our concerted efforts.More than providing the websites conceived by our clients and beautifully executed by our dynamic team, we strive to offer a feeling of security. That you deserve nothing but the best results is part and parcel of our commitment to excellence.

Offer you an investment

For us, gone are the days when investment would instantly mean a car, a pent house, hectares of land and other material things. At iConcept Global, we consider having a website that is search engine optimized (link to iconcept-seo) already a low-cost investment. We are able to say it not because we offer these services. We believe such can be considered an investment because of the infinite capabilities of the Internet continuously discovered by geniuses.Having a functional website that constantly enjoys top rankings in leading search engines is again, a low-cost investment. Great SEO practices result in higher return of investment. How? Imagine being able to display your products online to thousands of potential customers any time of the day. With increased traffic or visits on your website due to SEO coupled with your helpful products and services, it is like having an additional team doing the marketing. And because of the online reputation you are gaining, the benefit you get becomes long-term. Just don’t get surprised if one day you wake up receiving hundreds or even thousands of phone and email inquiries overseas.

Help You Save Money

Our Research and Development Team continuously finds ways to help you save money through the cost-efficient services we offer. Cloud Hosting is our newest offering. Most importantly, at iConcept Global, you are assured of proper billing computation.

Help You Sell Better

Offering you an investment while helping you save money are our ways of helping you sell better. Through the websites we create, we extend our biggest hopes for your continued successes in both business and personal life. Seeing you happy with the results is enough to remind us of one of our missions – to constantly endeavor to meet, if not exceed, client’s expectations in providing innovative services and state-of-the-art products.

Help others live better

Another mission we are striving to accomplish is to become worthy citizens of the Philippines. We make every effort to get involved in various community outreach activities to help others live better. This is also our reason why we push for our IT CAPITAL advocacy, aiming to provide a venue where Information Technology students and professionals could get support from industry leaders.

Vision and Mission


To persistently develop values to be the global leader in marketing and advertising.


iConcep Global commits to the following mission:

• To constantly endeavor to meet, if not exceed, client’s expectations in providing innovative services and state-of-the-art products.

• To undertake extensive development on the corporate key to success –
human resources – presenting competent career growth opportunities and enrichment.

• To be the top universal marketing and advertising firm in terms of efficiency, productivity, and quality.

• To become worthy citizens contributing to nationwide progress by upholding its catalyst role in business marketing and national economics.

Why Choose Us

iConcept Australia performs web development in Australia armed with the following components in mind:

A comprehensive Internet-based marketing campaign specific to every industry.  Dominate the online landscape with innovative campaigns and strategies ranging from websites, to social media, search engine optimization, pay-per-click, and so much more!

Trust as an indispensable part of doing business.  iConcept Australia knows how challenging it is to work with artists, designers and website developers around the world.  iConcept Australia was born from the Philippines’ most trusted online service provider – trusted by several government agencies and big corporations.  They have entrusted their online presence to us and it can be a good decision for you to do the same.

Cutting-edge web design trends and technologies.  It is extremely important to ensure that you give your brand a fresh look.  At iConcept Australia, we make tangible sales conversion goals achievable through modern approach of presenting your organization’s core strengths.

Commitment to provide cost efficient marketing campaigns.  Effective campaigns do not have to be costly.  At iConcept Australia, you get the expertise of an offshore website developer team who has helped hundreds of firms from various industries build brands and achieve sales goals.

Know more reasons why you should choose iConcept Global Australia and make smart marketing decisions.

Our Story

ICONCEPT Global Advertising Pty. Ltd. is born from the Philippines’ most trusted web design agency. Aside from carrying a nearly the same name, ICONCEPT Australia is enthused by a proven-effective, systematic approach to dependable web development, topnotch SEO services, and other web solutions. The year 2012 affirmed the efficiency of people and processes behind ICONCEPT Global Advertising Inc. Starting 2011, the Philippine company introduced several brands following its attainment of a preferential status. What started out as a small department of a telecom and technology provider grew as a promising online service provider trusted by Philippines’ most prestigious government agencies as well as multinational corporations across the globe.

Our brands


Our long list of clients from the private and government sectors can attest to the quality of our outputs – crisp website designs, superb functionalities, reliable hosting, and cost effective marketing strategies all weaved to help our clients achieve their short and long term goals. To view our list of high profile clients, see our Government Clients page and Corporate Clients page. After achieving a venerable status in the Philippine marketing scene, the Management which is composed of relatively young but experienced professionals from various fields of expertise endeavored to achieve a more ambitious goal – to provide its wide array of services to entities based in one of the toughest marketplaces in the world. ICONCEPT Australia aims to focus on providing its expertise to the Australian market.

About Australia

Undoubtedly, Australia is one of the leaders in terms of information technology. Its broadband and mobile phone penetration rate has made the industry more diverse, posing a challenge to business owners and an opportunity for web developers.Ironically, a lot of websites lack something that is described by a webmaster as “flair”. Business owners must consider that having a website is not enough. There is a vast selection of technologies such as web and mobile apps development, SEO and SMO, and social media customization that can be maximized to contribute to sales conversion. When thousands of web design and development firms are offering almost the same kind of service that meets client’s expectations, how can you assure that you get the value for what you pay for?ICONCEPT Australia seeks to provide the quality of service that does not only meet clients’ expectations. More than achieving our goal of bringing your ideas to life, ICONCEPT Australia strives to bring your ideas to the next level – for a fraction of cost!
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